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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Vedomi Capital is a multifamily real estate investment firm. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping investors to achieve their financial goals in real estate investments.

Our approach is to provide a seamless investment experience to our clients. We understand that investing in real estate can be daunting for some, which is why we help you simplify the process by carefully vetting each investment opportunity.

We believe that investing in multifamily properties is one of the most stable and profitable investment opportunities available in today’s market. With our expertise in this area, we help our clients confidently and easily navigate the complex world of multifamily real estate investments.

At Vedomi Capital, we are not just a real estate investment firm, we are a partner in our client’s success. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with the tools they need to achieve their financial goals.

Our Skilled Team Members

Nathan Venz

Nate grew up in Dallas, TX, and graduated from SMU. He then started his own company purchasing Oil and Gas Mineral interests around the United States, later transitioned to medical sales, and now buys large multifamily apartment complexes.
Nate eventually became the owner and founder of, My MultiFamily Investments. Having partnered with some of the top performers in the multifamily space, Nate is a General Partner in over
$50 million worth of multifamily real estate.
It was through this real estate journey that he met and partnered with Adam & Lance, and the three of them have now formed VEDOMI Capital. In 2020 Nate married Lindsay, a TCU grad, which makes for a great TCU/SMU rivalry. Among his real estate accomplishments, Nate played D1 baseball and enjoys flying in his spare time.

Adam Mitchell

Adam grew up in Arlington, TX, and attended UT Arlington. After graduating in 2001 he got a job working in industrial sales.
In 2004 Adam started to acquire multiple rental properties. After surviving the housing crash of 2007 Adam set his real estate focus on flipping houses. This eventually led to HomeBuyingGuys, a single-family wholesaling & real estate investing company. Soon after Adam was able to quit his 8 to 5 sales job and focus on real estate full-time.
In 2018 Adam, along with his business partner Lance, set their sights on Multifamily real estate investing. Thus, Apartment Buying Guys was born. In their first year, they acquired 127 units in Dallas, TX. Then over the next 12 months acquired 2 more properties, one in Dallas and a third in OKC. To date, the guys have 367 units under management with more in the works.
In 2014, Adam married his beautiful wife Denise. Together they have 2 amazing little girls and currently reside in Richardson, TX
The goal for him has always been to get into a position to be able to buy multifamily properties to impact his family and the communities we work in.

Lance Doty

Lance grew up in Garland, TX and attended ACU. After college Lance moved back to the DFW area and ended up working in industrial sales. It was during this time that Lance met Adam through their industrial sales jobs. The two became close friends and eventually the Home Buying Guys.
Adam taught Lance everything he knew about real estate investing and the two together have grown Home Buying Guys & Apartment Buying Guys to what it is today.
Lance married his high school sweetheart, Rachael. They now live in Gunter, TX with their 2 kids, Cam & Ava.

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

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