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About Vedomi Capital

At Vedomi Capital, our ultimate objective is to provide passive investors with a hassle-free real estate investment experience by meticulously examining the entire process. We aim to assist investors in achieving financial freedom by channeling their capital into an asset that yields consistent returns. We cater to both amateur and seasoned investors with exceptional services such as conducting thorough due diligence and underwriting deals.

We adopt a personalized approach to understand and align with the financial objectives of our investors. By eliminating the need to manage the property, we help investors in creating generational wealth with ease.

Due Diligence

We conduct thorough research and analysis on a potential investment opportunity to identify any potential risks that could impact its success or value.


We ensure to deliver regular updates related to investment, including financial statements, performance metrics, and other vital details.

Regular Cash Flows

The consistent inflow of wealth generated by an investment opportunity provides stability and financial security for investors.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

A measure of an investment's profitability that takes into account the level of risk involved in achieving those returns.

Here are some of the
key reasons to invest in Multifamily Real Estate


Hedge Against Inflation

Investing in multifamily real estate serves as a hedge against inflation. Rental income rises with inflation, generating steady stream of income.


Risk Mitigation

Multifamily investing can help mitigate risk effectively by diversifying your real estate portfolio across multiple units and different geographies.

Tax Benefits

Several tax benefits are associated with multifamily investing, including depreciation deductions, mortgage interest deductions, and property tax deductions.

Recession Resilient

During a recession, most of the people tend to opt for shared living arrangements, making multifamily properties more attractive to potential tenants.

Our Strategy


We acquire properties with a value add opportunity to force value into the properties either through renovation or management efficiencies. Our goal is to provide consistent and increasing returns to the investors.

Property Type

We strategically acquire B and C class properties in TX and OK with a value-add component. We look for properties that can sustain onsite management with a minimum of 80 units.

Property Management

We partner with 3rd party property management companies from day one to ensure the successful execution of investment strategy to reduce operational inefficiencies, reduce repair costs, and raise rents.

Investor's Expectation

We aim to establish long relationships with our investors through our transparent communication strategy while being accessible to you.


Our unique strategy of acquiring cash-flowing properties with tremendous upside ensures investors see a significant return of capital from refinancing.


We complete our strategic plan within a 3 to 5-year time horizon, to reposition the rent for divestment.

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